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The Rink


Offers a 13,000 square feet climate-controlled turfed facility with fully equipped batting and pitching lanes which can be configured in a variety of ways to meet individual and team needs.  We offer 5 batting cages, 4 dedicated pitching lanes, 3 soft toss and tee areas and an agility, strength and cardio area.  Pitching machines, pitching mounds, buckets of baseballs and softballs, protective L-screens, numerous hitting and practice aides  are available for your use.  Our Academy is dedicated to offering the most technologically advanced baseball and softball training equipment and environment needed to improve and fulfill today’s athlete.  Our Baseball and Softball Pitching Simulators are the premier training tool providing for a game-like hitting environment improving a player’s timing, contact and pitch determination.

Baseball and Bat


Having trouble with a facet of the game or looking to take your game to the next level?  Individual and group lessons are available.  Our knowledgeable and dedicated instructors are available to work with players of all ages on hitting, pitching, catching and fielding.  Developing key muscle memory and proper technique is essential.  Our instructors are ready to help you improve your game.  Don’t let the competition get ahead of you, schedule a lesson today. 



The Rink offers 5 batting cages, 4 dedicated pitching lanes, 3 tee areas and an agility, strength and cardio area.  Individual and team rentals are available.  Our cages are easily retractable if needed to accommodate team practices or larger group sessions.  Whether you are looking to work on your hitting, pitching, catching, throwing, fielding or strength, we have you covered.



Our pitching simulators throw any pitch, in any location, from the right or left side of the mound.

Our pitchers can change pitches just like your opponent.  The simulators are operated by a touch screen controller that is easily programmed.  With eight programs available, you are able to customize your workouts to meet the needs of the athlete.  By programming a mixture of balls and strikes, you receive as close to game-like conditions as possible creating an environment that masters the highest skill – pitch discrimination.

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