Baseball and Softball Batting Cages, Tunnels

The Rink offers 5 fully equipped batting cages  including 1 baseball pitching simulator and 1 softball pitching simulator, 4 pitching lanes complete with mounds, 3 soft toss and tee areas equipped with the necessary practice aides to elevate your game, and an agility, strength and cardio area designed to help train your body properly to meet the demands of today’s game.  Our netting is fully retractable and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet different needs.  The Rink welcomes team and group rentals.

Soft Toss & Tee
The Rink is well-equipped with the necessary hitting aides needed to improve today’s game. There are 3 separate areas for athletes to work in to perfect their swings.
Pitching Lane
Baseball and softball pitchers of all ages can work on their pitching mechanics in one of our four dedicated pitching lanes. Video analysis is also available to help in identifying improvement areas.
Cage Rentals
Batting cages are available for half hour and hour rentals. Whether you buy a membership, package or pay as you go , The Rink has multiple plans designed to fit all budgets and needs. Need a pitcher? No problem. A pitching machine is available for rental.
Power Bags
Explosive hitting mechanics utilizing lower body torque and stability lead to more power at the contact position. Our Power Bags can be hit and driven through contact. Batters physically and visually see that the use of proper hitting mechanics and driving through the bag with their hips leads to an explosive swing driving the bag to the top or even all the way around.
Speed Hitting Area
The Speed Hitter is a multi-purpose training bat designed to improve your contact point, increase bat speed, and fine tune your swing. We can accommodate our smaller players with the Little League version and our older players with the larger size. Both baseball and softball speed hitters are available for our athletes.
Our Baseball and Softball Video Pitching Simulators incorporate technology and video to almost duplicate the actual experience of facing a live pitcher. Our pitchers can change pitches just like your opponent. We have left-handed and right-handed pitchers from Little League to professional. Book your spot today to take your game to the next level.
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